Pedal Loom Facemask- UNISEX

Pedal Loom Facemask- UNISEX

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Perfect for slim faces! Aproximate wide from ear to ear 13-14 in.

Beautiful 100% Artisan made with pedal loom fabric. Washable, made with 2 layers of cotton fabric and soft and stretch elastic to hold on the ears.  Each mask has a pocket for you to place your own filter (please note; the filter is NOT included). 

The fabric is handwoven on pedal looms by artisans from Mitla, Oaxaca inspired by prehispanic buildings from the Zapotec culture. 

Please note the designs may be different from the picture, each piece is unique and hard to replicate. 

Your purchase benefit many families involve with the process. Tejedores (pedal loom workers), costureras (seamstress), designer and local shops from Oaxaca where we buy the supplies. 

Gracias por tu compra!