Humberto Rodrígues is originally from Aguascalientes, México. Since his childhood, he developed an innate artistic creativity, especially toward 3-D art. He graduated from Autonomous University of Aguascalientes with a Bachelor’s degree in Plastic Arts.

The main materials Humbert uses for his creations are bone resin, fiber glass, and paraffin. Each of his designs starts with sketching on paper, followed by the construction of a mold, emptying process, and finishes with polishing and painting. Each piece takes in average of 15 days, depending on the size and complexity of the design.

Humberto firmly believes art is a tool to express emotions, values, beauty and promote positive actions in our community. “I hope my art is in every corner of the world, to keep the Mexican culture known” says Humberto. “I appreciate the admiration and value of my work, each piece requires time, knowledge and passion”.


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