Originally from beautiful Mitla, Oaxaca. Pedro learned to use the loom under his uncle, developing an early love for the craft of weaving yarn. Today, Pedro and Lore have nourished that love by establishing two small workshops, one that houses three looms and the other centers around sewing where Lore is in charge of designing, cutting, and sewing the garments. The two work as a team, providing their children with a better standard of living.

Pedro and Lore ensure that their kids grow with a strong connection to their Zapoteca heritage, and continue to pass the love that Pedro’s uncle had for this noble profession. In their spare time, their children learn to understand the craft with their father. For them, it’s like a game, or a tender dance between their hands and the rhythm of the loom, fingers flirting with the thread. It’s moments like these that Pedro reflects on his treasures, “My family is my life, and there is nothing I would not do for them.”

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