Rodrigo origins lie in San Pablo Villa de Mitla, Oaxaca, where his parents Pedro Hernández and Josefina Quero pioneer the art of textiles. From a young age, Rodrigo developed his natural talent towards textiles, learning as much as he could about the craft from his parents. Later in his life, Rodrigo enrolled in classes for couture in order to perfect his technique, one that continues to be prevalent in his clothing line, “Cocijo.” 

Rodrigo’s work is recognized on a global scale, working with designers from Oaxaca and other nations. He has been featured in documentaries such as, “Vidas Entretejidas” due to the fondness, passion, and dedication found in his work.

Guelaguetza is proud to introduce Rodrigo’s “Cocijo” to the Latino community and the general public of the Eastern United States.

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