Proud craftsmen of Alebrijes, which are carved wooden figures and amazing miniature pieces of art. Each piece is inspired by the cultural mosaic from Oaxacan indigenous groups. Nature’s elements such as sun, earth, water, wind, and fire are represented on each colorful design.

Zeny and Reyna belong to the Zapotec culture, both learned the carving skill from their parents and grandparents since childhood, a family tradition that continues to spread to their 4 children.

Each piece takes from a couple of days to months to complete, depending on the design. All alebrijes are hand carved using copal wood –the region’s own natural resource-, polished and hand painted with acrylic paints.

Zeny and Reyna live in San Martin Tilcajete, where they have their craft workshop and promote reforestation to give back to the mother earth, what they receive from her copal tree fields where they acquire the raw material for the creation of their beautiful pieces.

“We give life to a simple piece of wood, to transmit through its colors about Oaxaca cultural richness, its traditions and folklore” says Zeny Fuentes.


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