Wholesale FAQ's

Do you have a wholesale Catalog?
We don't have a wholesale catalog, we can do wholesale on any product from our current website and we can also get you any item made in Mexico. We just need a picture of what you are looking for! 

What Discounts do I get for wholesale?
We offer from 15-50% discounts. Discount will be based on your quantity you require. 

Is there a minimum quantity to consider wholesale?
We consider wholesale 12 pcs of the same item/color. However, we are always open to work with new entrepreneurs who are starting their business and work together to make sure you have a great selection of items based on your needs.  

Can you customize wholesale orders?
Yes, we can certainly do customization for any order. Please send us all details via email at hola@guelaguetzadesigns.com 

What is the minimum quantity for custom orders?
MOQ (minimum order quantity) varies depending on the type of item you require. 

What is the lead time for wholesale orders?
Lead time varies depending on the item and quantity you require.

Do you offer free shipping for wholesale orders?
As you can see, we offer great prices for customers. Due our low margin, we are unable to offer you free shipping for wholesale order, but we can certainly get you a discounted shipping rate for your order. 

What is the process to pay for wholesale orders?
Once we agree on the final order, we send you a link to pay via email. You can pay with your credit card or PayPal. Once the order is paid, we submit the order to the workshop and ship once items are ready. Lead time stars after the order is paid. 

Do you have additional questions? Please send us an email by using this link!