Oaxaca Istmeña Dress Mexican Otomi Doll - Fina

Oaxaca Istmeña Dress Mexican Otomi Doll - Fina

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This otomi doll is perfect for play-days so your children can make beautiful memories about their heritage and culture. This doll is consider a national patrimony of Mexico's culture, 100% handmade by local artisans from Amealco de Bonfil, Queretaro.

Inspired on the beautiful Istmeña dress from Oaxaca! The gala dress features a black dress with embroider on the skirt and top, decorated with silk ribbons and white lace at the bottom. The head is decorated with braided hair with silk ribbon and flowers and a white 'respandlor' made from cotton lace. Her face details are handmade embroider. 

You will simple love this fine collection!

Approximate high is 9-10 inches