Traje Juan Diego Nino G / Boy Set

Traje Juan Diego Nino G / Boy Set

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Traditional set for your boys to celebrate day of la Virgen de Guadalupe. Set composed of a long sleeve shirt and pants made with 'manta carolina' fabric, a super soft cotton fabric. Belt is made with cambray fabric. The cover is made with manta and stamped. 

Your kid will absolutely love this outfit! 

Shirt: 11 in wide, 12.5 in long
Pant's Length: 14 in

Shirt: 12 in wide, 13.5 in long
Pant's Length: 16 in

Shirt: 13 in wide, 15.5 in long
Pant's Length: 18 in

Shirt: 14 in wide, 18.5 in long
Pant's Length: 20 in

Shirt: 16 in wide, 20.5 in long
Pant's Length: 23 in